Joe Di Condina

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

About Joe

Joe DiCondina believes in what he sells, which is why he has invested in property in New York City for over 12 years. His personal experience combined with his professional insight and the wealth of resources upon which he continually draws to stay updated on the market greatly benefit Joe’s clients, who rely on his valuable expertise.

Joe’s up-to-the-minute knowledge arms him with the analytical skills required to deliver exceptional service and value. As important as the financial considerations inherent in a real estate purchase or sale are the relationships that form as a result of his interactions, which remain at forefront of his business model. “Building and maintaining long-lasting trust-based relationships with clients sustain through any real estate climate, and that’s my primary focus.”

Also key to Joe’s success in real estate he feels has been his extensive travel, as thriving in New York City real estate requires relating to people from all walks of life and understanding their unique needs. This has both sharpened his ability to listen and communicate, and cemented his commitment to providing the personalized attention that every individual client deserves.

Before working in Manhattan real estate, Joe enjoyed a thriving career as a producer in the photography industry. Through his keen attention to detail and follow through, he delivered flawless results for the most notable names in commercial and high-fashion print. Joe’s command of pressure-filled situations and ability to navigate complex tasks ensure equally exceptional service and outcomes for his buyers and sellers.